Mending Fences

Another day, another job.  This fence, which might look like a joint project for neighbors to share, is all mine.  It's a good twenty feet inside the property line, so no chance that someone else is going to take care of this job for me.

Hard to believe, but the fence blew down in a modest storm.  No hurricane-force winds, just a few gusts, but that's all it takes when the fenceposts are rotten.  

The good news is that demolition is fun, especially for middle-school boys, so I rounded up Son Two and a wheelbarrow, and we spent an hour or two pulling the downed part of the fence apart and stacking it for later use, probably as firewood.  Son Two is not a big fan of chores, but destruction does appeal to him, so getting rid of the fallen fence was a positive and productive activity.  

Great to be able to find a chore that he enjoys.  Whacking the longer fence rails on the ground to break them into manageable pieces was a highlight.  Son Two had so much fun with that, he hardly complained about having to lug the wheelbarrow full of fence debris up the hill to where it needed to be stacked.  

Getting rid of the mess was a plus, but even better was being able to thank Son Two for pitching in.  So much better than nagging about how this or that job wasn't done or wasn't done right.  Lesson learned:  find chores for your kids that are at least a little bit fun.  You'll thank yourself for setting up a situation where you can thank them.