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Darcy's favorite reading


Darcy's favorite browsing


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Darcy's favorite shopping

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Darcy's favorite things

  • Cape Ann Sou'wester hat - a must have!  Now, sadly, sold out and discontinued at Lee Valley Tools, but still available for a few dollars more at the Toronto Dock Shoppe and the Bluenose II online store.  
  • Ilse Jacobsen rain gear - boots, socks, coats, capes
  • No-iron sheets from Lands' End
  • Tubtrugs - two-handled rubber bins in all shapes and sizes
  • Craftsman hose nozzle from Sears
  • Barkeeper's Friend - cleans everything
  • Nut and fruit gatherer from Lee Valley Tools - "This tool collects nuts and fruit with a quick rolling motion.  The highly flexible wires in the barrel-like head capture almost any small object.  To empty, simply spread the wires at one point and dump the contents...  A great back-saving tool for collecting acorns, crab apples, etc., it also works beautifully on golf balls and small toys."
  • Felco pruners
  • Notabag - 2016 German Design Award winner 
  • Haws watering cans, orchid misters, and so forth
  • Scott's EZ Seed - Even Darcy can grow grass with this stuff.  No aptitude necessary.
  • Wilbur Buds - like Hershey kisses, but better
  • Cafe Bustelo - How I start my morning, thanks to Mr. Darcy's college friend Francisco from Miami.  High-performance fuel for mind and body.  The happy result of Gregorio Bustelo's youthful journey from Spain to El Barrio Latino via Cuba and Puerto Rico. 
  • Eureka Mighty Mite - Absolute best lightweight bargain vacuum cleaner you can buy.  Got my first one at Macy's in Herald Square and took it home on the subway.  It totally transformed the experience of sharing 600 square feet with Mr. Darcy and a golden retriever--less pet hair, less dust, more happiness.