Do More, Spend Less, Feel Better, Love Your Life

That sounds like a lot to accomplish at once.  

But you can do all those things by making a simple change:  stop paying twice for things you can get for free.

Many of us pay other people to do our chores and also pay for the opportunity to exercise.  We drive to the gym while the cleaning lady comes to vacuum the stairs or the sitter watches the kids or the landscaper prunes the hedges, because vacuuming and babysitting and pruning seem like services to pay for rather than components of an active lifestyle.  It's easy to think that the way to be fit is to put on exercise gear and go to a class, and that housework and yard work and childcare are commodities we have to pay for.  Many of us make choices that reflect those assumptions.  Which means that we have complicated schedules, and we spend a lot of money.  

This is an expensive, inefficient, and ultimately stressful way to live.  Not only that, it’s wasteful, and unkind to the planet.

What if, instead of paying to exercise, you saved that money and used the time you would have spent exercising to do some of the chores you might pay other people to do for you?  What if you cleaned your own house or mowed your own lawn or washed your own car or played with your own kids?  What if you took a deep breath and stopped paying for so many services and just did what what you could yourself?

You might lose a pound or two.  You'd definitely save some money.  You might even find your to-do list getting shorter.  And maybe - just maybe - you'd start to feel a whole lot better about your life.


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